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About Us

Why choose our services?

ESR was established in September of 1997 by Chris Kinsey, an experienced environmental professional with eighteen years of experience in the environmental field. Mr. Kinsey has a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Science and has worked as an environmental consultant, environmental trainer, and staffing specialist.

Chris founded the company in order to provide environmental candidates high-quality, satisfying career opportunities, as well as being able to understand the specific needs of our business partners due to our experience being a professional in the environmental services industry.

Our Obligation

To Our Business Partners:

We are committed to understanding the needs of our business partners.  From what the perfect candidate looks like to how that person will integrate into the organizational culture, ESR becomes an extension of the businesses we serve.

To Our Exceptional Candidates:

Whether you are just starting your career in the environmental industry or a seasoned veteran, we will treat you with equal dignity, respect, and will find the very best next step for your career.

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